How we work

our process

We blend the science of fundraising with the art of relationship development.


An immersive approach

Compass begins by learning all about you – your vision for the future; your mission, goals, and dreams; your team; and, your prospects. Our in-depth approach helps us understand who you are today, what you want to be in the future, and what you need to accomplish to get there.

“Their staff provided the structured campaign plan that we needed, while also deftly absorbing our own organizational culture and helping us to tailor our strategies and make them most effective for our board, staff, and constituents.”


Tools for long term success

We roll up our sleeves and work alongside you. Compass does not just give advice. We are a working part of your team. We design, create, strategize, coach, guide, and motivate.

“The Compass Group always finishes a campaign leaving a better philanthropy effort in their wake.  They do not use a formulaic consulting system like so many pricey firms do.  They are good people who know how to work with both staff and volunteers.”


Compass is the insistent voice

We ensure accountability, structure, and discipline through adherence to timelines and deadlines.

“The Compass Group was attentive to our entire school community by offering advice, making calls with our volunteers and following up with donors. Thanks to them, we were completely successful, and we will always be grateful for their leadership, professional guidance, and friendship.”


Our goal is your long-term success. Compass helps you build your capacity as an organization to be better at fundraising when our job is done.

“Their considerable experience and expertise ensured we had a road map to move forward. Their recommendations were appropriate for our organizational size and capacity. We’ve already had some early wins thanks to their advice.”


Compass knows fundraising can be intimidating, even for those with experience. We help your team break down the process into manageable pieces. We build relationships with your board members, leaders, and staff. We are there, in the trenches, to work alongside your team and help with the heavy lifting. We know that fundraising success benefits from a collaborative approach. Being part of your team establishes credibility and trust, creates accountability, and improves the quality of the results.

“Building this kind of trust made you one of the team rather than an “outside expert.” As our conversations have continued, your expertise has helped walk us through difficult questions and arrive at new strategies that have streamlined and unified our work.”


Fundraising doesn’t just happen. Success is predicated on an aspirational vision, solid strategic planning, a healthy organizational culture, qualified and motivated teams, and sufficient resources. Compass services are specially designed to build capacity in each of these areas, no matter your organization’s current abilities. The capacity that is built will be a resource for your organization for years to come.

“The Compass Group took us to a whole new level. From the very first meeting with Frank Pisch, it was clear we were aligning ourselves with a philosophy and a practice around philanthropy that would allow us to clarify our needs and achieve our goals.”

Case Studies: See it in action

Explore snapshots of real organizations to see how they benefited from our unique approach.

Start to Finish

  • Vision

    Vision drives fundraising. Whether you’re creating an overall vision for your organization, a case for support for a campaign, or identifying short- or long-term funding priorities, we help you develop your vision.

  • Action

    The business of fundraising. From pipeline development to solicitation to stewardship we ensure the effective movement of your prospects through the fundraising cycle.

  • Teams

    Fundraising is a team sport. To maximize giving from your best prospects we work with board members, staff and volunteers to build, train and activate fundraising teams.

  • Systems

    Fundraising is complex. We aid in building a staff of talented professionals who have access to sophisticated tools to ensure you will find yourself in front of the right prospect at the right moment to secure the right commitment.

  • Culture

    Walk the talk. As you work to hardwire the value of philanthropy into the identity of your organization we provide structure for evaluating, improving, and implementing using key culture indicators.

Meet the team that makes it happen

Our experienced team can supercharge your philanthropy efforts with our hands-on approach.